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Sea freight from Türkiye is a very cost-effective solution. For the transportation of large volumes of non-time-sensitive cargo. Of the many types of shipping services available, sea containers are probably the most popular, which can be filled by one or more shippers. Whether you require FCL or LCL shipment in Al Zain, we can arrange efficient shipment of your goods by sea freight and other efficient freight services.

Inexpensive freight service for long distance freight shipments

Inexpensive freight service for long distance freight shipments

Suitable for transporting dangerous and unsafe goods

Environmentally friendly compared to air freight and land freight.

Sea freight services from Türkiye

Over the past years, Al-Zain has shipped many sea shipments and met customers’ requests and needs for sea freight from Turkey
This is due to our relations with the most important Turkish export ports and our work with the most important international shipping companies.

For everyone looking for shipping companies in Turkey, Al Zain provides all services related to maritime transport:

Packaging .
Internal freight services from the factory to the port.
Reserve containers of different sizes
Reserve the berth and floors in the port.
Shipping from port to port.
Book a shipping date that suits you to the destination you want, and we provide sea freight to many different destinations and countries due to our communication and relationship with the most important lines of sea freight companies in Turkey.
Customs clearance services.
Issuing the required certificates.
Shipping various goods and shipping chemical products and hazardous materials with high efficiency.

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