Land freight services

Make your shipment move smoothly through the global shipping solutions of Al-Zain Company as one of the best shipping companies in Turkey. We arrange the shipment of goods by road of any size or shape; We always have your ground freight needs covered. You can contact us to get shipping quotes from Turkey, or book a combined truck – partial or full freight (LTL & FTL), or special bulk freight.

Our services for land freight from Türkiye

Over the past years, Al-Zain has shipped many land shipments and met customers’ requests and needs for land freight from Turkey

For everyone looking for land freight companies in Turkey, Al Zain provides all the services related to land freight:

Quickly providing you with the most suitable land freight rates from Türkiye to any country
Tailored solutions to your shipping requirements
A warehousing service is available to store your goods when needed and collect purchases for when they are dispatched
packaging for your goods
Preparing the necessary documents for a successful and smooth shipping process
Our long experience in land freight from Turkey to many countries: shipping from Turkey to Iraq, shipping from Turkey to European countries, and you can view our work on the About Us page.

How can I get the service?

You can obtain any of our services or more information about them by contacting us

The communication team will contact you as soon as possible, and you can also use the WhatsApp button at the bottom of the page

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