What are commercial services?

Commercial shipping services are one of the important basics in the world of global business and trade, as these services help companies and individuals to send goods and products to anywhere in the world in a safe and efficient manner.

Shipping companies provide various commercial services to customers, and these services include air, sea and land freight, in addition to customs clearance, insurance, warehousing and packaging services.

Air freight is one of the fastest and most expensive services, and it is characterized by speed and efficiency, as goods are transported very quickly and safely through the airlines’ private planes. Customers can also choose the appropriate air freight service based on their specific needs, including: express freight and standard freight.

As for sea freight, it is characterized by the lowest cost and the ability to transport large quantities of goods, and the goods are transported through the marine vessels of the marine companies. Among the available sea freight services are full container freight and combined freight.

As for land freight, it is characterized by the lowest cost of all services, and is usually used for both small and large shipments. Land freight services are available of various types, such as: regular freight, express freight, and combined freight.

As for customs clearance services, they assist customers in completing the necessary customs procedures for exporting and importing goods and products. These services include providing the necessary papers and documents and communicating with customs authorities to ensure the safety and proper delivery of shipments.

The scope of commercial freight services also includes insurance services, as commercial freight companies provide options for insuring shipments and goods from any loss or damage during transportation, which provides additional protection for customers and ensures that shipments arrive safely.

Commercial freight services also include warehousing and packaging services, where safe storage spaces are provided for the shipments sent, and the necessary packaging services are provided to ensure the safety and arrival of shipments in a proper and appropriate manner.

In general, commercial freight services provide customers with many benefits, including saving time, effort and cost, providing protection and security for shipments sent, and improving transportation, supply and delivery processes in the business world. Commercial shipping companies are an important partner for many companies in the world, as they help facilitate and accelerate commercial operations and improve business results.

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